Baby Lemons: Laundry Care 101

newborn baby on natural rug


As you prepare for the arrival of your newborn, one of the last things you are sure to do is wash your new baby clothing so it's all ready to go for your bundle of joy.  But have you ever wondered about the chemical and dye residue used in modern manufacturing of clothing? (Even organic cotton, wool and bamboo are subject to such processes.)  Here are some suggestions to give your brand new baby a healthy start to life.

Step 1
High Fat Instant Milk Powder.

The fat in milk is said to bind with chemicals, assisting with the removal from clothing fibers.  Put baby clothing into washing machine.  Place 1/2 cup of high fat instant milk powder directly onto clothing.  Put through warm wash cycle and allow to soak for at least 1 hour.  

Step 2
Lemon-Aide Laundry Liquid

Repeat warm wash cycle with Lemon-Aide Laundry Liquid and dry as indicated on clothing.  Do not use traditional dryer sheets as they contain chemicals. Instead, consider making your own!  Check this out: